Papers submitted to Journal of Nuclear Sciences should be related with Nuclear Sciences. The scope of Journal of Nuclear Sciences covers  a wide range of original scientific studies in the field Nuclear Sciences.

The Journal of Nuclear Sciences (JNS) aims to integrate scientists developing different methods and special nuclear techniques used in different fields of Nuclear Sciences. The topics that fall into the scope of the journal can be listed as: Mechanisms of Interaction of Radiation with Matter, Radiation Detection and Measurement Methods, Radiation/Nuclear Spectroscopy, Radiation Physics, Dosimeters, ESR/EPR Spectroscopy, Radionuclide Metrology, Medical Physics, Health Physics, Radiation Imaging, Medical Imaging Systems, Medical Dosimetry, Monte Carlo Simulation Studies, Radiation Protection Physics Methods, Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Security, Radioactive Source Safety and Security, Nuclear Forensics, Environmental Radiation Monitoring, Accident Dosimetry, Retrospective Dosimetry, Radiation Research and applications, Radiation Shielding Techniques, Radioisotope, Nuclear Techniques, Radiochemistry, Neutron and Reactor Physics Concepts, Nuclear Materials, such as Luminescence Mechanisms, Luminescent Materials, Dosimetric studies of materials, TL/OSL Studies, Radioactive Dating by Nuclear Techniques, Nuclear Techniques in Plant Breeding and Radiation Applications, Detection of Irradiated Food.

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