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Journal of Nuclear Sciences aims integrating scientists developing different methods  and techniques used in different fields of Nuclear Sciences. Some topics that fall into the scope of the journal can be listed as: Luminesance Mechanisms, Luminescent Materials, Dosimetric studies of materials, Radioactive Dating  used in Archaeology and Geology, Radiation Physics, Dosimeters, ESR Spectroscopy, Mechanisms of Interaction of Radiation with Matter, Radiation Detection and Measurement Methods, Radionuclide Metrology, Neutron and Reactor Physics, Nuclear Materials Science, Radiation Spectroscopy such as alpha, gamma and LSC, Medical Physics, Radiation Imaging, Medical Imaging Systems, Medical Dosimetry, Monte Carlo Simulation Studies, Radiation Protection Methods, Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Forensic Sciences, Nuclear Safeguard Research, Research and applications  for Ionizing Radiation Shielding Techniques, Radioisotope, Nuclear Techniques in Plant Breeding and Radiation Applications.

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Year: 2016 Volume: 3 Number: 1

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A Retrospective Study for Total Effective Doses of Nuclear Medicine Employees in Istanbul, Turkey PDF
İ. Çavdar, L. Uslu, N. Yeyin, M. Demir
Elemental Analysis of Raw Materials of Nuclear Reactor Shielding to Develop Low Activation Concrete PDF
M. A. Islam, S. Mahmud, S. M. Hossain, Sk. A. Latif, M. H. Ahsan
Unexploited Information from Luminescence Spectra PDF
P. D. Townsend

ISSN: 2148-3981