Assessment of Regulatory Requirements in Diagnostic X-Ray Facilities in Bangladesh

A. Aktar, M. Haider, S.M. Islam
1.880 331


X-ray is one of the very old yet powerful modalities of diagnostic imaging procedures. Bangladesh has a history of over 80 years of using X-ray for medical diagnostic purposes. But not many of the users were knowledgeable about the potential risks associated with an ionizing radiation like X-ray. To create awareness on radiation safety Bangladesh Government for the first time promulgated nuclear safety and radiation control (NSRC) act in 1993 and corresponding NSRC rules in 1997. The purpose of the current study is to evaluate shielding structure of some diagnostic x-ray facilities in Jessore district of Bangladesh with respect to regulatory standards. Radiation dose levels are also measured at different points in order to investigate the shielding adequacy of the facility. Estimated dose levels were found higher than the regulatory limit (0.5µSv/h) across the entrance door (ED) of 66% facilities. Secondary walls of the X-ray room were found adequately shielded with 10 inch brick wall. The shielding structure of control panel (CP) of the four facilities was not sufficient according to regulation and there were no shielding in the viewing window of CP of two facilities and the amount of lead shielding at the same points of two other facilities was found less than the regulatory requirements (2mm). Only 4 machine operators were found qualified diploma holder radiographer among 16 operators which could affect overall radiation safety features. 

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