Influences of Irradiation on the C–V and G/ ω –V Characteristics of Si3N4 MIS Capacitors

Ş. Kaya, E. Yılmaz, A. O. Çetinkaya
1.716 362


The effects of gamma-ray exposures on the electrical characteristics of Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) metal–insulator–semiconductor (MIS) structures have been investigated at room temperature. The MIS structures were irradiated with the GAMMACELL 220 Co-60 radioactive source. The distributions of interface states and series resistance were determined from the C–V and G/ω-V characteristics by taking into account the irradiation-dependent the barrier height. Both the values of series resistance, interface states and barrier heights enhanced with increasing dose. Experimental results demonstrate that gamma-ray irradiations have the significant effects on electrical characteristics of Si3N4 MIS structures.


Radiation effects, Si3N4 MIS capacitor, Interface states, Series resistance

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