Synthesis and characterization of new phosphor based MTiO3

N. Kayacı, S. Dayan, A. K. Küçük, N. Kalaycıoğlu Özpozan, E. Öztürk, E. Karacaoğlu
1.882 486


In this study, new titanate phosphors were synthesized. The Dy3+, Eu3+, Ho3+ rare-earth ions were used as dopants to CaTiO3, SrTiO3, and BaTiO3 host crystals. The optimization of reaction conditions were carried out by thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) methods. The mixtures to achieve a solid state reaction were heated in porcelain crucibles for preheating process at 600 oC and 800 oC and final heating process at 1000 oC for 16 hours in the open atmosphere. The reaction products were characterized by X-ray powder diffractions (XRD). Surface investigations and elemental analysis were determined by using SEM-EDX instrument.
Photoluminescence spectrophotometer (PL) was used for the observation of the excitation and emission spectra.


Perovskite, Luminescence, Phosphors, Solid state synthesis techniques, XRD

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